Lost USB networking with my Mac. What happened? How can I fix?


I’ve been playing around with the BBB for a while now.

All of a sudden I am not able to connect to the BBB via the USB networking interface at

I’m really not sure what happened.

I am (was!) interfacing with the BBB via my Mac laptop.

Here is what I have tried to do so far to resolve the issue.

  1. clean flash of BBB with latest Debian image
  2. Remove FTDI and HoRNDIS drivers, reboot, and reinstall drivers.

Interestingly the BBB is showing up as a removable hard drive, and I am able to successfully install the drivers off of it, so I know that the physical connection is operating. Still, there is nothing showing up in the System Preferences->Networking window…?

I am able to get into the BBB via the ethernet jack, but I really want (if not 100% need) to use the USB networking features.

Any suggestions welcome.

Thank you,


That happens to me whenever I need to get a lab put together.
Open "Network Preferences". You will probably see several "Beaglebone Black n" entries.
Delete every last one of those and then click "Apply".
Now click the "+" button and select BeagleBoneBlack for the Interface,
change the service name to your choice (or not), and click "Create", and click "Apply".
And if you have been very good today, your BeagleBone Black will magically be connected.

Chad Baker
Professor Emeritus
Christian Brothers University
Electrical and Computer Engineering
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