low cpu clock on ubuntu armhf

Hi guys,
I’ve got the following problem:
I installed the demo image precise 12.04 armhf according to http://elinux.org/BeagleBoardUbuntu on my beagleboard C4.
I then proceeded to install the latest kernel 3.4.5-x1 (i think. I dont have access to the board right now)
by doing:

git clone git://github.com/RobertCNelson/stable-kernel.git

cd stable-kernel
git checkout origin/v3.4.x -b v3.4.x

then ./tools/install_image.sh to install it to the sd card.
The kernel boots up fine, and uname -a shows the right version.
but curiously cpufreq_info shows me that the BB is running at 600Mhz and the hardware limits are 125-600Mhz.

Under Angstrom the BB runs with 720Mhz.
Please help me out,
I want to run xbmc on it, but it runs so slow.
Btw, is there a way to bring it up to 1GHz?

Correct... Last time I looked at it, about half the patchset is now
merged in mainline, the other half still needed changes for this to be

Here's the last update I've seen:

My c4's are at home, so can't test this at the moment..


Hi, do you know if http://muru.com/linux/omap/ (found it on http://elinux.org/BeagleBoard) alreadyalready) contains this patchset?

"if" it was there, it would be essentially mainline as this point...
(as it would have gotten merged to v3.6 this week..)

Based on the developers email (previous link) is current development
tree with those patches is here:



Hi again, would it be possible to get the angstrom kernel sources and compile that with your script?
Sorry I’m actually not that much involved into kernel development, call me a noob (although I am a C/C++ dev).

Hi again. I’ve compiled the kernel from the git repo omap-pm and booted it but with no success. Is there maybe a boot option for uboot to set the cpu clock? In general how can I overclock the board, maybe up to 900-1000Mhz?

Hi, is someone there who could help me?