Lowest cost Beagle xM

Dear Beagle group,
I want to use beagle-xM(Rev C) in one of our products used in
industrial application(no graphics support needed).
Plan is to use beagle-xM design with few changes in BOM as mentioned

==>Remove DVI transmitter chip
==>Remove All the connectors except Network, UART,and power supply
==>Remove SDCARD and its slot.
==>Replace DM3730 with AM3703
==>Replace 512MB PoP Memory with (256MB Nand + 256MB RAM) PoP device.

required quantity is around 500 boards per month

Here are my questions,
==>will this configuration work with needed changes in u-boot and
==>which PoP RAM+Nand is preferred? Micron/Hynix/Numonyx? please
suggest a part.
==>with such a configuration, how much cost reduction I can expect as
compared to existing cost of Beagle xM?
==>Has anyone tried making such a low cost beagle xM without graphics
==>can anyone provide me some pointers so that I can contact
manufacturer who can make this board for me(at very low price).

I know craneboard seems to be the best candidate for my h/w
configuration, but I am not sure if I can find manufacturers who make
this board at very low cost.
I am looking for a supplier who can sell the tested (beagle or
crane)board for the price around 50 to 60USD( quantity per month is

Is it too optimistic to expect the cost around 50 to 60USD for this
please suggest.

Without the SD card slot you will need the NAND and a way to flash the NAND.They no longer make 256Mb DDR+256Mb NAND. The best you can get is 256Mb DDR+512Mb NAND.That is what is being used on the new REV C5 version of the original BeagleBoard. It may be worth it to leave the SD slot on their to facilitate SW upgrades and for ease of manufacturing test, but that is your call.

You will need to get a quote from your CM on what the cost would be. I can’t determine what your CM cost basis is.

Replacing with an AM3703 is possible but has never been done. I do not see any major issues there from a HW perspective, but the SW will need to be tweaked…

My suggestion is that you contact the company that makes the BeagleBoards. They are already set up manufacturing wise to build different versions of the board and this has been done in the past. They should be able to give you a quote as well. Some work will be needed from a SW standpoint to get everything working and the production test SW will need to be adjusted to compensate for the missing functionality. But it should be do able.

I will leave it to the community to provide more details on the SW aspect of things.

Contact information for the CM is below:

Clint Cooley


Circuitco Electronics LLC

1380 Presidential Dr. #100

Richardson, TX 75081

Main 214-466-6690

Fax 214-466-6694



Feel free to contact me direct if you have any questions.


The company must be very busy at the moment because I’ve been waiting for weeks for a quote on a custom board.


They are very busy building Beagles. Not sure what the story with your quote is. I suggest you just take one day and send him 3 or 4 emails in one day. If you do not get a response, then just give up!


Hi Albert,

We’ve spent a good 3-4 months searching for a product with extremely similar requirements/specs as yours, talking to lot of CMs, and while things might have changed (but I doubt), our finding wasn’t very encouraging. For 500units/mo, with your requirements/specs $50-$60 is not easy to meet. There are 2 vendors based on Israel from whom I got the best quote, but that was using AM3505 (600MHz, no IGP, no DSP) and with 64M+64M DDR configuration, at those quantities. Also this was a CoM, requiring a baseboard (i.e. very few peripherals). Performance wise there is a significant difference between what BB has to offer & this board, based on your end application (esply if you need DSP – we did).

We continue to search for such an alternative, but for the moment, have nothing that really met our needs. Alas the Hawkboard project died a rather unglorified death, and inspite of umpteen reassurances of a next-gen Hawkboard, nothing ever turned up. It was a real interesting board (again comparing apples & oranges).


Give up!? LOL! I’ve sent a couple of emails.



We have considered on doing the same in the last few months. The lowest price we could get a BB derivative made is $125. I seriously do not feel that you can get it down to $50-$60 because the price of the processor and RAM is $35 already, not counting other components, test plan, and assembly cost.

I never had much problem contacting circuitCo. However, I know another company who will eventually be sourcing/selling/customizing the BB. Contact Brent Weber from Arrow Electronics, he may be able to give you more details.



I am developing a similar product, but base on OMAP-L138 for low cost.


The main parts cost are:
OMAP-L138 : about 21USD
Nand Flash: 1G bit, about 3USD
DDR2: 1G bit, about 10USD
ETH Transceiver: about 2.5USD

So I think the final price is around 80USD (for commercial grade only, NOT for industrial grade!)

My board also include:
3G (WCDMA) module: Huawei EM770W, mini PCI-E interface
Video decoder: TVP5151 or TVP5150
Audio codec: TLV320AIC3104
Class-D Audio Amplifier: TPA2026D2

No video output, no SATA interface



I am planing to use AM3517 replace DM3730 ,but i am not sure ? i would change too much ?

thanks very much

2011/7/7 dell ny <ny72753@gmail.com>

I'd suggest to forget about POP technology and use the conventional
BGA design. No problems with soldering and no connection with Micron
which changes plans every 3 months