LPDDR SDRAM and NAND flash Pocurement

Dear Sir,

we are looking for some components of LPDDR SDRAM and NAND flash to develop customised board with the OMAP 3530 Processor.

LPDDR SDRAM requirments

memory = more than 2 Gb, POP package, 1.8 volts, x16 (data lines),

NAND flash Requirments,

32 Gb, SLC package, x8 or x16 (data lines), 1.8 volts, BGA package.

please let me know where to buy the suitable components.

thanks and regards

N. Reddy

babudec04 wrote:

Dear Sir,


you might want to take this question to an electronics distributor.

I agree. Contact a distributor that sales those sort of devices. A good place would be DigiKey, Mouser, Arrow, Avnet, Newark,and Farnell. You can also look on the various websites of the companies that make those devices and contact their sales offices.