LPDDR SDRAM interface to SDRC. OMAP 3530

hi all
we have to make finally 1 Gb (1 GByte ) LPDDR SDRAM memory.
i am working on OMAP 3530,
e have selected one LPDDR, the part number MT46H256M32L4JV-6 IT,
which is 8gb .

which is 8Gb, x32, 1.8v POP, and interanlly it has 4 dies, two chip
select options,
it is some thing called Dual Rank, Single Channel (4 Die) Package.

please suggest me
is it possible to interface this kind of LPDDR SDRAM to OMAP3530 SDRC
and how?

if not please suggest me which part number LPDDR can be connected, but
total memory should be 8Gb.

thanks and regards

It appears to be possible to solder it onto the processor. Will it work? It should, but as I have no idea about anything with your design and power architecture, only you can answer if it will work. It will take more power so make sure your power architecture will support it…


hi Gerald,

thanks a lot, we are using POP package, power requirement is 1.8 v. we have done complete schematic with respect to power architecture also.

thanks and regards
N Reddy