LPDDR SDRAM interface to SDRC

hi all,

i am working on OMAP3530, i have to interface 8Gb LPDDR SDRAM to SDRC.
SDRC has two CS's, CS0 CS1. each chip select will support upto
512MB(byte) RAM.

i have selected two LPDDR SDRAM's from MICRON.
    1) MT46H128M16LF – 32 Meg x 16 x 4 Banks and
    2) MT46H64M32LF – 16 Meg x 32 x 4 Banks.
please suggest me which will suits my requirement.

thanks and Regards
N Reddy

MT46H128M16LF - 256M
MT46H64M32LF - 256M

how many do you need to connect to have 8GB?? :slight_smile:

Document SPRS507F - page 177+

total memory required is 8Gb (1 GByte).