LVDS display issue


So I am using the Beaglebone Black to run a LVDS display. Specs are:

Model- G104XL-L03
Pixel Number (Resolution)- 1024x768
Size- 10.4’
Interface- LVDS
18 or 24 Bit

I am using a SN75LVDS83B to convert the parallel data (if that is relevant).
At first I could not get the display to show anything even though BBB was running and the LVDS lines seemed to be active.
Finally I plugged in my HDMI to a monitor and left the LVDS display plugged in and it started working.

At first I thought it was because it was pulling the profile from the HDMI monitor, which made sense because it was running at its resolution.
But when I powered down the HDMI monitor the LVDS display still worked. So I unplugged the HDMI connector and then the LVDS display goes blank.

Obviously the BBB build is compiled for 16 bit so the colors are off, I can enable the 24 bits later. But I am trying to break the HDMI plug dependency.

Is disabling the HDMI port going to change this?