LVDS LCD board for BeagleBoard(-xM)

Hi all,

I've just finished with LVDS LCD add-on board for BeagleBoard-xM. It
was tested with different LCD panels from Litemax and NEC and works
well. Schematic and Gerbers are available here:
(see links on top of page).



Its good to see a ready to use LVDS module for the -xM, I was doing the same with the SN75LVDS83B with home made pcb, but the small spacing between the LVDS serializer pads was driving me crazy

I have some questions about your board,

It seems that you are selling them, right? are they ready to be ordered now?

In the picture of the NEC display, it seems that you have soldered the LVDS cable directly to the adapter board, but why are the first row of pins from the CON3 header not connected? (that row contains the other half of the RXn and CLK signals)

Have you modified the U-boot (dss_init method) to set the LCDC/video registers to the correct values for each display, or have you only modified the timings in the dss kernel module?

Could you provide your modifications (to either u-boot or kernel) with the adapter purchase?