M2M Cape for Beaglebone

M2M Cape for Beaglebone provides seamless internet connectivity to the Beaglebone via GPRS or 3G network anytime anywhere. It also has an optional GPS add-on for location and time synchronization (1pps signal, 2 microsecond jitter accuracy).

This cape is compatible with many sensor capes available for Beaglebone black. Thus, this cape can convert your beaglebone to a true “internet-of-things” gateway, and one can upload sensor data directly to the cloud using this Plug-n-Play addon.

Also included is fully supported device driver and middleware for Anstrong Linux BBB and Debian Wheezy, plus support for standard software package for internet connectivity, sending / receiving SMS, GPS location, and time synchronization to get you going in a jiffy.

Product Details

Detailed Hardware / Software Specification

The cape would be available for purchase from Mid-November’13. Provide your comments feedback here.

Mayank Kumar

Contact - +1 832-593-1893