mac address

Hi, I have a beagleboard with a zippy2 and a beagle XM
and I want to know if it possible to a way to hard code the mac adresses?

the usb ethernet?

modprobe g_ether host_addr=46:0d:9e:67:69:eb dev_addr=46:0d:9e:67:69:ec


Current KS8851 driver (this chip is used on zippy2) in linux kernel is
quit dodgy as during initialisation it sets random MAC address. As a
workaround you can use the next patch (please note that you can set
ethernet MAC in u-boot for example "setenv
ethaddr=00:11:22:33:44:55"). If you need hard-coded MAC just set it in
"dev->dev_addr" in "ks8851_init_mac" function.

Update: for this patch to work properly you should add " ethaddr=$
{ethaddr}" string to your u-boot "run" command (and it should be
passed to the kernel as boot parameter).