Machinekit images - where are they?


According to various links on the Internet, there are pre-built Linux images with Machinekit.
For instance, the website states:

Robert C. Nelson kindly provides a 2-weekly build of a complete Debian with Machinekit image for a BeagleBone Black/White.
Head over to and download and install the image on a microSD card and run the image from that, or install the image on the eMMC.

However, the links seem to go to

Searching at that link, I cannot find any files or text with the word ‘Machinekit’.

Where are the pre-built images, or is this information outdated?

Sorry, the builds been broken for a little while, here's the latest version:


Hi Robert,

Thanks for the information, downloading now! : )

Just a quick update, this link is now active again.. (the image built
correctly last night)...