Hi. I use machinekit for controlling my CNC mill and i need read ADC pin (AIN0) to set speed of my motor (0-4000rpm). I need convert voltage (0-1,8V) to pwmgen.parameter(0-4000). Can You help me? Thanks.

Start with the BBB temperature code:

...use "none" for the thermistor and use the .raw HAL pin in your HAL
file. If you want, you can delete the code that converts ADC values
to a resistance and then a temperature value, or add some appropriate
scaling so you can directly connect the .raw output pin to your pwmgen

Thanks for your answer. But i don´t know, how this structure or command write. I work with AVR microprocessor, no with linux. Can you send me some examples of command, which I solve my problem? . I need only number with range 0-4000 from 0-1,8V (AIN0). I use machinekit,debian 3.8. and beagle bone black (own cape).Thanks

You need Machinekit HAL file knowledge, not Linux (or AVR).

You load the ADC code with a line like this:

...except you will probably want to use "none" for the thermistor
(which is epcos_B57560G1104 in the example above). Adjust the
channel(s) (04: and 05: in the example above) to select the ADC input
pin you wish to use.

Then you need to connect the ADC reading to your PWM driver with a HAL
signal like so:

...but you should use the .raw signal (ie: instead of
the value to get a value between 0-4095.

Since this is specifically a Machinekit question, you should probably
be asking on the Machinekit Google group:!forum/machinekit

I create connection between machinekit (i create variable PWM.meas => this variable will use to PWM) and script hal_temp_bbb. Now i need edit a script. Can you help me with this problem?
This is the script:

I tried edit this sections:

Hi. I have one problem with this ADC conversion. I create connections between HAL file and this ADCfile (hal_temp_bb). Everything works, but if the ADC send me value more than 1600 (0-6000), my JOG wheel stop working. I use some GPIO PINs for axis_enable(X,Y,Z) and axis_jog scale (UP,DOWM). This button not responding, while ADC_value is more than 1600. If ADC_value is less than 1600. this button works. Can you help me with this problem ?? Thanks.

P8.16 in # Manual-5 JOG_EN_X

P9.24 in # Manual-6 JOG_EN_Y
P9.25 in # Manual-8 JOG_EN_A
P9.26 in # Manual-7 JOG_EN_Z
P8.17 in # Manual-4 JOGMUX_2
P8.18 in # Manual-3 JOGMUX_1

Can you help me make this file more simple? I don´t need read resistance table(delete from this file). I need Only adc_value.

hal_temp_bbb (4.12 KB)