main console for my aplication

Hi at all,

I want use the main console that I use to boot my beaglebone and start my aplication,
but I don’t know how to disable the shell, because my aplication and shell use the same console,
and when push a key confuse between my aplicacion and shell.

I’m not expert in linux, please tell me, how can I do that?, disable service of shell and login in the process of booting.

Thank you in advance.

Maybe you should tell us a bit more about your "my_application" and
your configuration.

But as always, linux offers many solutions.
if "my_application" is non-interactive you can simply push it to background.
nohup my_application &
my_application > my_application.log &
see eg

But my favorite solution is the following:
Connect your Beaglebone to your lan and connect to it over ssh (from
Windows with putty). Then you can open as many (almost) terminals as
you want.