Make BBG work as an Hotspot

hi all ,

i actually trying to make this board working like an Hotspot ( AP with internet forwarding )
SoftAP set me crazy …
Try all i can to have internet , but connected devices still answer : ’ connected , no internet connection’

clear all iptables , set iptables working for an other board ( pi)
change dnsmasq parameters … and still no internet.

Is one of you get better results , I will be happy for any solution submited.

Ps:it’s a BBGW and i’m trying Wifi to wifi hotspot ( wifi extender )

thanks in advance…

As long as you have a usb-eth adapter to route everything upstream,
just install the iot image:

As long as it detects a eth0 device (from your usb-ethernet adapter)
it'll go into AP hotspot mode..