Make BeagleBoard breathe as Gentoo's way

Dear Community:
Forgive me for cross post this into two communities, but I think both people may interest in this.
Here I spent a few times to try to bring up gentoo with beagleboard hardware. My prime intention
was to leverage the gentoo’s goodies, and prove it working under BB. The difficulty is far less than I expected.
Adn The story is quite straight forward, generate the toolchain, build rootfs and run it ~
Most of my patches are pull from OE’s repository.
And I borrow a lot from gentoo-openmoko poject. Must thank people from gentoo-openmoko
and gentoo-embedded, your great work make this porting quite esay.

For people who want to try this, can always checkout overlay from git://
and follow the instructions in file BUILD.
Note, it’s just a proven working version, quite primary. em… should say still in stage1, won’t have many features
so don’t expect too much :_P


There is a bit of related work going on at The OpenPandora is based on the same device and is very compatible.

I also recommend you register your project at so that other people interested can find it.

As a Gentoo user, I’m happy to see your interest in both projects.

How is this coming?

JKridner is correct, we have been working on a Gentoo port for
specifically the OpenPandora platform and we are using BeagleBoards as
our dev units. We are using armv7-a cortex-a8 specific cflags and
have documented our entire cross-compiling, build process, and base
software. Booting and usb networking are verified. We don't us any
of openmoko stuff, instead we stuck with a standard glibc toolchain
with gcc-4.3.3. The 0.0.3-test_rc3 image is a light stage4.

I'm using a BB rev B7 and it works fine. We will be releasing 0.0.3-
base soon which should be close to 0.0.3-test_rc3. Please join us in
FreeNode#gentoo-pandora, we would love to talk about this.