Make install -d Error ?

Hello All;

I’m hoping that there is a GNU CPP programmer out there who can help me L

I am having a problem with “make” when native compiling on the Beaglebone.

I get the following error:

What OS? What version of make? Did you try 1.0, or one that may not use that flag? On Arch no issues for me. Though I think your real issue is this make[1]: install: Command not found

I have been trouble shooting this problem on another list:

The short version is that I could compile/build the files BEFORE I did an “opkg upgrade” but not after.

You can follow the complete thread if you like, but the upshot is that it appears that the latest version of “Make”,

or some component of, was not included in the Angstrom upgrade.

Could someone tell me how to find out if this problem has been fixed, and if not file a bug report ?

I’ve never had to do this before.

My Kernel Info:

The Angstrom Distribution beaglebone ttyO0

Angstrom v2012.05 - Kernel 3.2.34

GNU Make 3.82

Built for arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi

Has it been fixed? Try and find out, update your install see if it brings in a new update for the build tools. If not my guess would be no it has not been fixed. My guess is no it has not. Filing a bug for them google should be your friend there. I would still ditch angstrom, go with something more solid for your OS base if you are going to be building sec related devices/gadgets. You will be happy I bet. All of my devices run Arch. I have hated Angstrom since the Gumstix days, Yocto to me is just a rehash of Angstrom’s crap. You get more breakage using either of those than you ever doing running Arch which is always way more bleeding edge. Packages are much more simple to write. And there are tons of “sec” related packages ready to go in the main OS, even more in the AUR.

Thanks Don. I’ll give it a look.

I’m getting fed up too L