making a custom image using OE-core


I’m trying to build a custom (not Angstrom-based) image for BBB from scratch. I’m using OE-core for that with meta-ti layer. I assumed it’s not going to be too much difficult since Angstrom itself is based on oe-core. And so I could create a root-fs image, u-boot.img, MLO and uImage files, I put those on uSD card, but the board would not boot. Here’s what I get in the console: It says “Starting kernel …” and hangs. All user leds light constantly. Note that I didn’t reflash the eMMC on the device, I’m trying to boot from uSD first.

Is there anything I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

Beaglebone Black is not supported in meta-ti; use meta-beagleboard.

any follow up? can you share your procedure sir? I am trying to make a minimilistic Image for the BeagleBOne black just with basic drivers and stuff removing all other extra apps and what not. if you can please share the prodedure it would be of great help.