making custom board based on the Beaglebone Black

So basically what I want to do is use the functionality of the BBB but make a custom board layout for my project. So far I was able to find the PCB schematics from the BBB, but I couldn’t find any useful information on how to actually do it. I have some electronic background but I’m not sure is this something that can be easily done?
please give me your opinion and advice.

How to make a board, even a simple one, is pretty far outside the scope of this list, and not something easily conveyed in a few emails. A board with the complexity of the BBB is going to be very challenging, even for someone who's already done it once, especially if you intend to use any of the high-speed functionality like HDMI. Even just routing the memory bus lines will take some care. You'll need to find a hardware development community to help you, and learn to use something like Eagle or gEDA or some of the more expensive tools available.