Mathematica on the Beagle

I see the raspberry pi is getting Mathematica[1][2]. Has anyone heard any rumors about Mathematica coming to the Beagle?



I thought I saw something on “Hack a Day”. I’ll see if I can find it again.

If Mathematica run on Raspberry Pi, it should also run on BeagleBone.

The more important information about Mathematica on Raspberry Pi, is “for free” :wink:

We’re working on a wider Linux-ARM release, which would include boards like the Beaglebone Black.

In fact, basic functionality already works (and a Beaglebone Black is about 5.57% faster than a Raspberry Pi when running the Wolfram Language / Mathematica):

ubuntu@beaglebone1lx:~$ wolfram
Wolfram Language
Copyright 1988-2013 Wolfram Research

In[1]:= N[Pi,1000000]; // AbsoluteTiming

Out[1]= {7.092367, Null}

If you’re interested in testing the Wolfram Language for the Beagleboard,
send us an email at, put Beagleboard in the subject and make a reference to this post.

What great news! I’ve sent off an email asking to be part of the prerelease testing.

I ran the same code below in my desktop Mathematica-8 and it ran 11.8X faster. So colour me absolutely amazed and impressed at the computational horsepower of the $45 BBB compared to a decently stout “big computer” (i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz).

  • Daniel

Success! I have Mathematica running on a BeagleBone Black. I’m running under the lasted Debina beta image[1].



Sorry for posting in such and old thread.
Can you share how to run Wolfram on non-Pi boards?
Seems there is a wolfram-engine in Pi repos, can I just get that package and install on other ARM board?

Unfortunately I’m no longer able to run Mathematica on the Bone. The Beta program has finished and my images no longer work.


Oh, sadly.
However, I managed to download .deb package from Raspbian repo.
I hope it would work on my board (arm v7, it is compatible with arm v6).
It’s likely illegal, though.