Matlab on beagle


I currently have some image processing code on Matlab that I would
like to implement on the Beagleboard, I don't think it supports Matlab
though. Can anyone please tell me how to convert this to C code that
will work on the Beagle?

Thanks in advance

You may want to take a look at Octave[1]. It is an open-source Matlab
clone which should run just fine on the BeagleBoard. Otherwise, I would
probably look into porting the code to Python using PIL[2]. If this
doesn't suffice then you'd need to probably fall back to C which is no
different than writing C for any other platform.

- Ben


Hhere are the first two links from a Google search for “matlab generate c code”.
A discussion about embedded Matlab:
and the MathWorks documentation:

Hope this helps.
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You may find matlab code generation for Beagleboard at

As an example, it illustrate a random number geneartor written in Matlab was converted into C codes, build by the CodeSourcery cross-compiler and finally run at the Beagleboard

Is it possible that you update this link?