Maximum USB transfer speed on Beagleboard-XM

Hello, experts!
I’m working now with beagleboard-xm and testing the usb downstream speed with our hardrware. The usual speed on the beagleboard is 0,7 MBytes/sec,while the working speed on the desktop is twice more (~2 MBytes/sec).
Besides, the speed depends on the cpu frequency (if i set cpu frequency to 1000MHz. the speed increases up to 1.1 MBytes/sec = (~9MBits/sec).
Can you give the advice on ways to increase the usb speed?

OS: Angstrom Linux 2012.05 (kernel 3.0.27)


I am not an expert in any way, but can give you an advice to check the CPU load. USB transfers on BB-xm are very CPU-intensive, especially if they do not use DMA, so it might be that in your case the bottleneck is CPU. Besides, there are two kinds of USB on the BB-xm - one is the regular USB and another is the USB-OTG: these two have very much different hardware/driver implementation and their performances are quite different.

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