McASP0 interrupts (e.g. mcasp_x_intr_pend) not arriving at PRU

Hi there,

I’m trying to receive McASP0 interrupts (mcasp_x_intr_pend and mcasp_r_intr_pend) from the PRU of the BeagleBone Black.
I have configured all system event channel mappings (system event 54 <-> channel 0 / system event 55 <-> channel 1) and host interrupt channel mappings (host N <-> channel N).
Moreover I enabled the system events 54 and 55.
The McASP is configured to trigger an interrupt at frame start for transmit and receive.
If I trigger an event manually from the ARM (i.e. prussdrv_pru_send_event(54)), the event arrives as expected at the PRU.
But if start a audio playback or capture via the McASP, nothing arrives at the PRU (I verified that the interrupts are definitely triggered from the McASP).

Do I need to configure the ARM interrupt controller, as well, so the system events are propagated to the PRUs?

My PRU code is available on Pastebin.

Thanks a lot!