I am trying to get an MCP2515 running on SPI1.0. I can successfully load the .dtbo, found the device under /sys/bus/spi/devices/spi1.0, but couldn’t seem to get the CAN bus running. Does anyone know if the driver is already compiled into the kernel? Or if I need to do something to activate it?

Thanks for the help!


Ricky Chang

On the console do: lsmod

You should see something like:

can_raw 7618 3
can 31379 1 can_raw
mcp2515 8341 0
mcp251x 12797 0
c_can_platform 7581 0
c_can 12220 1 c_can_platform
can_dev 14358 3 c_can,mcp2515,mcp251x

If mcp251x is there the driver is loaded. You can do an ifconfig -a to show if active too.

To bring up the interface you can check here:


Hi Travis,

Thanks for the reply.

The problem was with the driver, the MCP251x drivers that came with 4.4.30-ti-r64 kernel are not compatible. I got a new driver and now I can bring the CAN bus online. But other problems now came up. Whenever I tried to send with cansend, I got a TXWAR/EP error and the link went down(it didn’t say it went down but it’s not responsive to cansend commands afterwards). And if I tried to receive using candump, when the other device send a frame, I got RXWAR/EP errors. I’ve tried sending with the Canbus connected or disconnected it’s still the same. Do you have any idea what might be causing this problem?