MCP2515 via SPI0, CS0 on BeagleBone Black


does anyone already have a working setup/howto for a MCP2515 activation on SPI0 with CS0?
To be clear, I’ve the internal DCAN0 and DCAN1 already up and running but I’m interesting to have a further 3rd CAN channel via a MCP2515 enabled.
After some hours of trying and searching on the WWW I’ve still no working MCP2515 SPI interface. I’ve used my MCP2515 SPI-Interface already with success on the Raspberry Pi and adapted it to the GPIOs of the BeagleBone Black.

To give more details my environment is:
Angstrom distribution from 2013-05-27

P9.27, /* spi irq: gpio3_19 /
P9.22, /
spi: spi0_sclk /
P9.21, /
spi: spi0_d0 /
P9.18, /
spi: spi0_d1 /
P9.17, /
spi: spi0_cs0 */

extract of my spi0-00A0.dts file:

pinctrl-single,pins = <
0x150 0x10 /* spi0_sclk, OUTPUT_PULLUP | MODE0 /
0x154 0x30 /
spi0_d0, INPUT_PULLUP | MODE0 /
0x158 0x10 /
spi0_d1, OUTPUT_PULLUP | MODE0 /
0x15c 0x10 /
spi0_cs0, OUTPUT_PULLUP | MODE0 /
0x1a4 0x37 /
mcasp0_fsr.gpio3_19, RX_ENABLED | PULLUP | MODE7, IRQ */


I’m unsure about the spi0_sclk Pin. Some websites describes it as output as shown above and others as Input with “0x150 0x30”. My setup doesn’t work with both of them.

Any hints are welcome!



I try to do the same thing without success!

Thank you!

Michael, could you please explain how you got DCAN1 working on the Beaglebone Black? Which hardware version did you use and which OS, etc.? I’m trying to get DCAN1 to work, and that is not working, so I am trying to use the MCP2515 through SPI as an alternative, but judging by your post, that appears to be a problem. Any ideas? Thanks,

Hi! Just wondering if you had any luck with the MCP2515 and your Beaglebone?