Measuring Power Consumption

I understand....and so, how would I measure the avg. power consumption
for each state? do avg.current * 5V?


Bascially. Another idea is to set the base kernel running. Then turn on one thing or application at a time and see the difference in current. That will give you a rough idea what each application or interface consumes.


haribabu.narayanan wrote:

That looks clean. I guess the power states offered by the kernel would
be a good place to start looking at....

not really, you are not interested in kernel power states, you are interested
in your app use cases, e.g. idle, mp3 playback, video decode etc...

If you have a way to get your app into one of the use cases, then just measure
the avg. power in that use case. the kernel will of course all the time change
OPPs e.g. during mp3 decode, but that will average out over a few seconds...

Hi all,

Do all these current calculation formulations apply only to
Beagleboard Rev C2 (and not Rev. C3)?

I am a bit confused with the latest board reference manual section
8.2.6 [Processor Current Measurement (Rev C2 Only)] which says it is
specific to Rev.C2. Or is it that it is Rev.C2 onwards?


Rev C2 onwards.


Hi all
i am new to Beagle Board,
I was trying to measure the Entire board(Rev C3) power consumption
While playing certain video file .
Is there any way to measure avg.power consumption through software
( In Rev C3 Board) ?


Hello all,

Has anybody been fool-hardy enough to try load pre-built Android onto the
Beagleboard with a Windows-PC?
If so - I'd really appreciate any tips/direction you could provide.

My intention is to run some simply GUI apk's communicating serially to he
outside world to prove-out the OMAP-Android platform.
(would be running the Beagleboard with a small 3-7" touchscreen LCD). Anu
suggestions on compatible/proven LCD's would be appreciated as well!!

Thanks all for any thoughts and insight.