Memory controller, corruption on sudden power off?

Hi, I am looking at using the BeagleBone black for an embedded project, where the unit will have to go on working for years at a time. We have been using the RaspPi, but found that the SD cards often become corrupt if we ever had a hard restart - sudden power off. I am hoping that because the BBB has proper flash ram with a decent memory controller we will get much less of this. Does anyone have any experience of this issue on the BBB? Thanks Chris

If you plan to use Linux, then yes the possibility is there. You could look at making it a read only file system and that will help. Add circuitry like power fault detection that generates an interrupt and leaves time to shutdown, that is another solution.



Before you start spending money, think about having the whole base
system on an read-only partition, keep volatile information in tmpfs
and have a separate device mounted without caching to write data that
has to be stored permanently. This will require a bit of tweaking of
the system startup process, but requires no modifications in the
hardware and probably will be still safer than quickly syncing disks
on power failure (what you can do anyway, just to be on the safe