Mentor and student actions for 2016

Actions for potential mentors for GSoC 2016,


  1. add yourself onto the mentors list on the ideas page at

  2. contact me to request an invitation to be a mentor and respond to the request coming from Google

  3. review queries on this list ( and reply to any related to a topic that has your interest

  4. join the IRC chat (

  5. attend the weekly IRC meetings on #beagle-gsoc at noon US Eastern time every Wednesday


  1. suggest what you will propose and raise any questions on a new thread on this list (
  2. join the IRC chat (http://bbgsocchat) and ask for potential mentors to review your posts and give suggestions
  3. submit your application to Google’s tool ( between March 14 and 25 noting that there are NO exceptions for late submissions!
  4. pay attention for your notification and stay engaged with the community


How do I register on the new website? (as a mentor).
If I log in, all I see is

“We couldn’t find an account for you…
Registration is currently not open.
Student applications will be accepted starting on March 15, 2016 at 00:30 (IST)”

What do I do?

The admins, Jason or Vladimir (av500) will have to invite you. Once they send you a link you’ll be able to complete the process.