Mentor feedback

Hi all,
I have posted my proposal titled "High level interface to exploit the
Pulse Width Modulation abilities of the BeagleBoard" on the GSoC

Project abstract:The main aim of this project will be to provide a
high level interface for the Pulse Width Modulation output pins of the
OMAP found on the BeagleBoard.
Another aim will be to push this driver upstream(the Linux-OMAP tree).
Two applications will be developed to demonstrate the use of this
1) Motor control using PWM signals generated by the BeagleBoard using
the PWM driver.
2) Writing a glue layer for ALSA to communicate with the PWM driver
and output sound from the PWM output pins.

Thanks to all the mentors who have already given their feedback and
guidance, I have tried to make changes accordingly. It would be great
if the other mentors could go through my proposal and suggest anymore
changes which they would like to see.

Best Regards
Varun Jewalikar