Mentors meeting today

We have 59 proposals and 18 mentors.... and I'm trying to keep the
ratio of mentors to students around 2:1 (original goal was 3:1), so we
have our work cut out for us in filtering out proposals.

Please spend a bit of time this morning going through the proposals,
giving feedback and ratings, especially for those that don't already
have ratings on them.

There is a switch that mentors can flip to enable students to continue
editing their proposals. If you are aware of a proposal that could use
some editing and the student is engaged, please feel you can flip this
switch. Do try to check with the student that they intend to do
something useful to the proposal.

As you find projects you'd like to mentor, it would be helpful to me
if you'd edit this wiki page to indicated your interest:

This should only be visible to mentors who give me their github ID.

We are meeting at 1PM US Eastern time today to discuss rankings. If
you cannot attend, please make sure you've at least updated the wiki

We are meeting in #beagle-mentors, which is invite-only. Show up in
#beagle-gsoc and request an invite.