Mic not picking up volume on Angstrom installation


I recently installed Angstrom and Android on my beagleboard, and I
have been trying to use a mic with a 3.5mm connector on it. Although
the mic works on my laptops installation of linux, it does not
function when plugged into the beagleboard on either Angstrom Linux or

Does using a mic require an amplifier of some sort? Or what else
should I do to get started?


It requires an amplifier. MIC input at BB is more like line-input, not mic.

2010/11/11 Oliver <zhou.oliver@gmail.com>

I had been wondering about this as I wasn't able to record from the Mic on my C3.
Until now I didn't see anything saying this and thought it must have been a bad input, a .wav file played without a problem.

With a USB audio card, it reported not enough bandwidth. I wonder if anyone is using usb audio.

Here what Gerald Coley explains:


The microphone needs to be amplified. The audio input is a line in audio, like you get from a PC. A microphone won’t work. Try it using the audio output from a PC first. Then find a way to amplify the audio from the microphone.

2010/11/11 Sid Boyce <sboyce@blueyonder.co.uk>

I tried using the PC line-in method to verify that the line-in input
is working.
Under Angstrom, the recorder is picking up sound when using PC line-in
method; however, I can't get either speaker or line-in to work under
Ubuntu. Is there a special driver needed for this to work on Ubuntu?