Micrel KSZ8081RNACA chip set on custom board.

Hi Forum,

I am having problem for initialising Micrel’s KSZ8081RNACA chip at uboot MLO load stage, getting a message

PHY not found,

I want to know which C File in the UBoot’s … board/ directory need to update or rather structure to introduce new

pin io infos.

Surprisingly, same uboot does get correctly initialised on BBB board and manage to acquire an IP address from DHCP server/router.

I have two Ethernet port at our custom board and need to be be initialise,

I am planing to to initialise both eth port at uboot stage and acquire an IP address.

But still in doubt, there may be device tree initialising process may over ride the setting???

I will be grateful if someone can give me clue, or lead.

Thank you