Micron Bad Block Managment in u-boot - Files attached

Hi all,

I was thinking of adding the attached files from Madan to Beagle u-boot in order to get Bad Block management support for Micron NAND.

Just passing this info to you all, let me know if some one is starting on this to avoid redundant work. The procedure and the description is as given below by Madan.

I actually spent time with an interesting student Ashish from NITC College India. He is trying to prove his palm tracking algorithm on Beagle. I am sure it helps in using Beagle for applications like home security, motion tracking apps, etc.


nand.c (13.4 KB)

cmd_nand.c (25 KB)

Makefile (336 Bytes)

nand_util.c (21.7 KB)

nand.h (3.69 KB)

crc32.c (7.66 KB)

Makefile (1.36 KB)