Does anyone know how to get a datasheet from Micron? I wanted to check
some parameters for the ram used by BB xM. I went to their website a few
weeks ago and it seemed I had to create an account if I wanted to see a
datasheet. So I tried. I filled out the form and submitted it. I never
heard back.

That is the process. Did you use a company name or just your name in the request?


I normally would have just used my name unless company name was a
required field.


From personal experience, using a non-company email and not having a
company name won't get you much response from Micron even though they
don't require the fields. I attempted in the past to get Micron to
give me an account using my gmail email address and got a similar
response. Use your company email address and their name to sign up, I
had no problem getting my account set up with Micron in about a day
when I did that.

I believe the BB-xM ram is part number MT46H128M32L2KQ-5, but my xM is
over a year old.
I can get that data sheet without logging into Micron's site. It's
100-something pages long and has lots of info.


Thanks. I am trying it that way. By the way, even finding the part
number MT46H128M32L2KQ-5 was not easy. From the stated size and speed
and whatever in the BB manual I was able to winnow the Micron product
list down to that one unique part number. I'm glad you have the same.

Thanks guys. I got the datasheet.

For Micron part numbers, use the markings on the part and Micron's
FBGA marking decoder http://micron.com/support/fbga
That'll spit out the actual part number for you. Much easier than
trying to figure it out manually :slight_smile:


I'll keep that in mind next time I need a part number. Thanks again.