microSD card size limitation

For a while, there was a reported limit of 32GB on the memory size of the plug-in microSD cards used with the BeagleBone Black.
Is this limit still in place, or has it changed?
Specifically, could I use a 128 GB card with a BBB ?

What is, or was, the limitation?

— Graham

Here’s the deal ‘sdhc’ cards are only spec to 32gb… The ‘IP’ on the am335x, does ‘NOT’ 100% support ‘sdxc’ (64gb,128gb,etc) transfer modes… This ‘sdxc’ cards are ‘NOT’ guaranteed to work 100%…

So where things get interesting, if you search this group, I tested a specific sandisk 64gb sdxc card that worked perfectly fine… We don’t know, if sandisk had a backup ‘sdhc’ mode built in, or if it was one of the other ‘sdxc’ modes that the card worked perfectly at.

So if you get the same model, but the 128gb version, is say it’s 80/20% that’ll it either work fine or fail.

In either case let us know the exact model and what happened…


OK. I found that NewEgg has SanDisk 128GB cards on “Black Friday” special pricing.
I’ll report back with test results.

— Graham

Someone claimed to have gotten a 128GB sdxc card working some time back. Like Robert says, if you search the group it will probably turn up.

Reading Gerald’s “November’s Dish from the BeagleBoard.org Foundation” reminds me to ask the same question for the X-15.

Is there a limit on the memory size of the microSD card for the X-15? Or is the story better than the BBB?

— Graham

The dra7/am57x supports sdxc, however due to the design of the x15
power rails, some modes are not supported:


sdxc has some crazy power/sdr/ddr modes...


We should be able to support the 1.8V rail on the X15. That is being fixed in the latest round of changes for the production release.

The limitation on the speed still exists. You can get more information in the datasheet.