mid-term evaluations

Hi all,

As we discussed at length in today’s meeting, mid-term evaluations are on this week. While it is great for students to evaluate mentors - and 2/3 of them actually already have, well done! - it is critical that mentors evaluate students before Friday, as the first student payment is dependent on this. So please jump in and do it soon. If you run into any difficulty with the evaluation at all, please let me or Jason know. That goes triple if you are worried about a student’s progress in any way.



FWIW I just did Tobias's, although using that shitstorm melange it's
really hard to know if i submitted it properly or not - but since the
data is there when I select the name I presume so.

All pretty straightforward otherwise and more about the journey than
the destination.


Thanks, Michael. It shows up as submitted on my limited dashboard (I can’t read the actual submissions).

At this point it looks like 3 out of 6 mentors have submitted evals, and I remember that a few were going to be done on Weds. Remember that the student payments are dependent on this evaluation.

6 out of 6 students have submitted evaluations of their mentors (thanks guys!).

Jeff, Jason,

Could any of you please confirm that all mentors made their evaluations correctly? In case any is still missing (or having done anything wrong in the process), I think it’s getting pretty close that we should make sure that it gets fixed in order not to delay any payment for the students J

Secondly: I pretty much agree with Michael, that the feedback ‘that your submission actually went well’ unfortunately isn’t very clear in Melange…

Best regards and thanks for letting us know


Eek! :expressionless:

Katie did mention she'd be completing it by Thursday though, and I'm
assuming Thursday in the USA is not over yet.


No worries Yaman - must get off of planes first - it'll be done within 8 hours