Where can I find documentation on configuring / interfacing with the
McBSP? I want to set up a MIDI interface on the expansion port of the
BeagleBoard, and need to clock it at 31,250 baud -- does the BSP
support arbitrary baud rates like that? Is the McBSP driver buffered?
Or do I have to set up some sort of DMA for it? I'm concerned about

Thanks for the suggestions!

Hi Jay,

McBSP is a wonderful resource.
But to use it you have to master all the details of
OMAP3530 clocking. That is not trivial but it is certainly worth the effort.

And yes, just to do things right for the future - take advantage of
another wonderful resource on OMAP3530, the SDMA.

We did the 8-ch, 24-bit, 192 kS/s I2S with McBSP3 & SDMA and after a
few Linux audio driver bug fixes it works great.

Please keep us updated on your progress!

Best regards,