Midwest RepRap Festival

Is anyone displaying at the Midwest RepRap Festival next weekend?

I am unable to make it but have a free CRAMPS board for anyone willing
to hook it to some motors and run a demo. Serious bonus points (and
more free stuff!) if you can hook it to any sort of printer. Contact me
privately via email if you're interested.

I really want LinuxCNC on the 'Bone represented at the festival and
don't yet know of anyone else intending to show this. Does anyone know
of someone who's planning to show 3D printing with the 'Bone (using
LinuxCNC or any other software)?

Apparently, the best way to get permission from the spouse for a crazy
trip is to plead for help on the internet. I CAN NOW GO TO THE
FESTIVAL!!! I'll be around all day Saturday, and until about 11:00 on

Look me up if you're going to be there. I suspect the BeagleBone
supporters will be greatly outnumbered by the AVR and Cortex-M folk, so
we need to stand together! :slight_smile:

Awesome! I’ll be going too (coming from Chicago). I gave Josef Prusa (who speaks 10am Sat) a BBB at the Open Hardware Summit last september and he was excited about it. I’m sure he’ll be interested in what you’ve been doing.

773-710-7131 (mobile)