Mini USB port

I have a beagleboard Rev B7 with Angstrom loaded on it. I want to use
2 UART ports on it. One is for debug the other is on the expansion
port which i am using and for the Third i am forced to use the MiniUSB
port on board, with a USB to RS232 cable.

My inquiry is under the /dev file i do not see a ttyUSB0 and it does
not load that file even when i have a hub (digitus) plugged into it
during power up of the BB.

How can i use the miniusb port like i am using UART1, so send/receive
rs232 data.

to send : Echo "hello" > /dev/ttyUSB0
to receive : cat /dev/ttyUSB0


Perhaps i should be asking first, how to make the USB OTG port a host

You need to ground the ID pin. On the Rev C boards this is more easily done, but on a B7 you will need to solder a wire onto the board or get a cable that already has the pins shorted. They are rather hard to find, but they are out thee.


I read that on the Wiki page and tried it before with out a difference
in the way the USB OTG function. Let me try to short pin 4 and 5 on
the OTG mini USB connector and see what it does. ty