Minimal Development Environment

I tried to obtain an answer via live chat and failed. I was apparently supposed to do something in 30 seconds (I know not what or how) and I timed out. There was a message after-the-fact. Frustrating.

If anyone out there uses the tethered connection could you please try to answer “can I write and debug code from a browser on a tethered BBB?”


On the beaglebone white (same would be for the black), you can absolutely code with a tethered beaglebone. The browser Cloud9 is just for node.js(javascript type language. Never actually used it, just know it exists) I believe. There is nothing stopping you from ssh’ing into the beaglebone (over the usb-ethernet connection). Here you can do anything you want. I program in nano on my bone, or more recently use eclipse and remote system explorer. I write code in eclipse, compile, and transfer it over. A good video showing how this works is here:


Thanks, that was exactly what I wanted.