miniPCIe+SIM cape

Howdy -

I’m looking for a BBB cape that has a miniPCIe slot and SIM card holder (2FF). I’m pretty sure this one fits my requirements but was wondering if there are other options out there (don’t want to hitch my wagon before looking at other horses). I’m actually surprised after quite a bit of Googling there aren’t more cape options for this.


The processor has no PCIe interface. It does have USB, but does not connect to the cape connectors.


it depends on what device you want to insert into a miniPCIe slot. As far as I know all such form-factor GSM modems are usually USB devices and PCIe has USB lines


I could make you one. Maybe.


Anyone happen to find any good capes. ive been trying to piece one together in a slim with a on-board battery