Minix I2C Drivers for the BeagleBone Black - Final Report

This will be my last report as Google Summer of Code is officially wrapping up at noon tomorrow. The report will give a rundown of everything I’ve done during the summer and list my future plans.

Code merged into mainline Minix:



Blog Highlights:

Future (Post-GSoC) Plans:

  • Finish porting the frame buffer driver to AM335X.
  • Support for the 4D 4.3 LCD CAPE.
  • Support for HDMI output.- pkgsrc for Minix/arm.
  • Helping test release candidates.
    I really enjoyed my work this summer. The project wouldn’t have been nearly as successful as it turned out to be if it weren’t for the following people and organizations:, Minix, Google, Jason Kridner, Kees Jongenburger, Frans Meulenbroeks, Ben Gras, David van Moolenbroek, and Lionel Sambuc.