Missing analogWrite.html on BeagleBone Black?

I have recently purchased a BeagleBone Black.

After navigating to the build-in web server and trying to access the analogWrite tutorial, I am getting an exception “Cannot GET /analogWrite.html”.

I have confirmed that the file is indeed missing from the Ångström Linux filesystem (/usr/share/bone101/). I have also searched the forums and it doesn’t look like anyone else has experienced this… Is it possible that there are other missing files in my image? Is there possibly a replacement for this file, or a golden image of the BeagleBone Black’s file system that I can flash?



Feel free to use the latest SW. It works with the latest SW.



Thanks Gerald,
I decided to just flash to the latest version. I tried upgrading, but apparently there is a bug that prevents me from doing this.

Yes, there seems to be some issues in the 3.8 Kernel when it comes to updating. Hopefully it will stabilize as it matures.


Hopefully it’s fixed by the next image.

You can always go to the beagleboard.org website (http://beagleboard.org/Support/BoneScript/analogWrite/) and run it off there.