Missing capemgr on Ubuntu 12.04 (Kernel 3.14) Beaglebone Black

I’m a newbie trying to get the BBB Audio Cape working on Ubuntu 12.04 (Kernel 3.14) and am having trouble understanding all the HowTo’s that I find online because my installation doesn’t seem to have a Cape Manager.

For example the following file does not exist.


The following path does not exist. (Nothing name bone or capemgr under /sys/devices)


The output of the following commands are blank.

dmesg | grep cape
dmesg | grep slot

Thus, I am hesitant to edit my uEnv.txt file with the following lines because there is no reference to anything Cape, Capemgr, or even Bone in the uEnv.txt file.


I did update and use the dtc to create the *.dtbo file for the audio cape and added it to the /lib/firmware directory. However, that is the only file in that directory with the extension *.dtbo.

$ uname -a

Linux ubuntu-armhf #1 SMP Tue Jun 3 12:37:22 UTC 2014 armv71 armv71 armv71 GNU/Linux

Im also using the RS232 Cape successfully on the same BBB.

Any guidance is muchly appreciated.


You need an image with 3.8.x on it for full cape support. Read the descriptions here : http://eewiki.net/display/linuxonarm/BeagleBone+Black#BeagleBoneBlack-LinuxKernel for explanations of what each kernel version is good at.