missing link to startup program in roboticscape directory

Ok, here is what happened:

Got a new Beaglebone Blue and followed all the instructions I could find to build one of the eduMIP kits from scratch. I had everything working just fine but wanted to revert everything back to default, start over, and make sure I could do it again. In the process of trying to unlink the rc_balance program from the link_to_startup_program, I accidentally deleted the original rc_balance file. After trying several different things to recover or replace it, I ultimately had to reflash the os. Did that, reran all my updates, the rc_balance file is back and runs properly again, however, the link_to_startup_program in the /etc/roboticscape is not there!

I’m currently trying figure out another way to get the rc_balance file to run automatically on startup but do not know very much linux code.

Can anyone help me out?