Mistral OMAP 35x display issue

I wanted to run a GTK application on Mistral OMAP 35x EVM board with GStreamer at the back end. I built the LInux Kernel with default configuration file and booted the image on teh board. With this image, I could run the GTK application but was facing issue in playign the video file using GStreamer plugins. I realized that the decoders that I used were based on Neon Instruction set and this is not enabled by default on Mistral board.

Hence, i changed the system type of Kernel configuration file as OMAP 3530 ( which has NEOn by default) and rebuilt the Kernel. With this new image, none of hte application screen is visible. I mean i could see a blurred screen, the display hangs and the application quits which did not happen in the previous image which had OMAP 3503 as system type in config.

Can anyone pls. help me in resolving this issue?


Just enabling CONFIG_NEON cannot affect this (it is a really small
change to the kernel), so there's something else going on.

Since you are using an EVM, you might notice some rare random
crashes. The u-boot needs to set L1NEON to work around a Cortex-A8 r1
fault [ARM erratum 621766], and the default Mistral U-boot doesn't do