MMC card issue on Beagle board


I'm trying to bring up Beagle Board. I would like to get help on the
following issues.

1. It cannot be accessed through CCS using XDS510 emulator. However, I
could access it through Blackhawk XDS560. Is it because 1.8V power
supply is routed to 14-pin JTAG connector, which actually needs 3.3V?

2. Currently I have flashed X-loader, UBOOT, uImage and File System to
NAND. The board boots up only when MMC card is not inserted. If I try
to boot from NAND with the MMC card inserted in its slot, kernel panic
occurs. Please find a log of the error attached. I'm using the pre-
built binaries from the following link.

Is it possible that this kernel does not have support for MMC card?
Where can I get the kernel with MMC driver?

3. What should I do to bring up Ethernet over USB?

4. I also need the link for Codec Engine.