MMU configuration

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to compile my 1200 MELP vocoder algorithm using the DSP
offered by the OMAP. As its code is quite large it doesn't ' fit '
either in L1P or L1D or L2 IVA2.2 memories.

What I'm doing is moving that code to external memories, and thus,
manage that unfit code.

I'm trying to configure the MMU by setting some parameters and
registers in the DSP driver, this is, proogramming it with the L3

I don't understand (oh God!) the TLB stuff, because what I do it is to
define 64KB buffer (which virtual direction I don't know) and
transalating it into a physical direction known both by DSP and MPU.

Before releasing the DSP reset a configure all and I write a value in
the first direction of the 64 KB buffer.

At DSP side I declare an u32 pointer which points to the physical
direction mencioned before and I write a different value regardless of
the one written in the driver. After releasing the DSP reset It
should remain the last one write by the DSP, but it remains the one
written before releasing the DSP reset.

To sum up, does anyone how to configure the MMU or am I doing my
purpose in a wrong way ?

Thanks in advance.