Mobile 4G Router application


I’m very new to this beagle thing and it looks like this might be the place to ask if I am on a good path to solving a problem. I have Cradlepoint 4G wifi hotspot routers that I am installing in buses and I am tasked with finding a way to provide passengers with a designated amount of data each. The Cradlepoint firmware is very nicely developed and has lots of features including a page that I can log onto and see connected clients, how much data they have used and then a handy “Kick” button to block that client if I see their data use has gone beyond what I want. However in their brilliance they did not include automatic limits per client. Obviously physically watching for overuse on the admin page is impractical and so I was thinking of using a beaglebone to connect to the admin side of the router and babysit usage for me. I know I could write a bash script to scan the client data use page, crontab it for every minute and boot off any data hogs. Would the beaglebone be a good device for this task? Would it be good in the vehicle environment - hot/cold, frequent power cycles?