I am working on getting a lcd expansion card to work with a C2 board.
The lcd is the same as a PSP
(LQ043T3DX02) model. The stable 2009 Angstrom distro is being used.

Currently, the mux settings in the boot code are set to turn off the
lcd power,
backlight, and another power line. However, the GPIO number differs
with the
DVI gpio reset number. I believe that can be coded around in the boot
but not sure how the driver or kernel might be affected. Anyway....

My question is... Using linux-omap 2.6.28, there are several places
to potentially change the
driver code and kernel code.

In the driver code, the video mode settings does not include this
lcd's mode. So, when boot.scr
is read the kernel gets confused. (eg.
omapfb.video_mode=320x240MR-24@60 )
Does this mean that a I just have to add an entry to modedb table in
modedb.c to
cover this mode setting? Of course, the correct values must be used,

Also, I am hoping for some hints as to other areas that require
changes? Some postings stated
that recent kernels may not require changes and it's mostly in the
drivers' section.