module driver for Angstrom 2011.1 on BeagleBoard

Hi everyone
I running Angstrom 2011.1 on BeagleBoard. I used command: uname -r, result: 3.0.17+.
Now I want write module driver for BeagleBoard, I had have source code of linux-3.0.17, I had compile a file module driver: mydriver.ko.

  1. modinfo mydriver.ko
    filename: mydriver.ko
    author: bb
    srcversion: C4C1BF74EA0B620882C67E6
    vermagic: 3.0.17 mod_unload modversions ARMv7

  2. insmod ./mydriver.ko to load it in the kernel.
    Error: insmod: error inserting ‘./mydriver.ko’: -1 Invalid module format

  3. dmesg
    display: [ 163.630065] mydriver: no symbol version for module_layout

I had lost much time for this problem. Help me solve it

Thank you very much